Food Friday Round-up

It’s Friday (the 13th!) and I’m back with a round-up of food from the week! As I mentioned earlier, I’m back on Weight Watchers, but I’m determined not to fill my days with bland, boring foods. Here’s a look at what I’ve been eating- and enjoying- this week! *This does not include snacks throughout the … More Food Friday Round-up

Compound Exercises- Efficient & Effective

We’re back with another edition of Workout Wednesday! Today, I want to discuss compound movements and the benefits of lifting heavy weights. Compound movements work two or more major muscle groups at the same time, essentially meaning, getting more for your buck. Everyone wants their workout to be efficient and effective, so selecting moves to … More Compound Exercises- Efficient & Effective

On the Beach

It’s Monday, I’m back from my vacation, but instead of feeling down, I’m feeling revitalized! A vacation was much needed and there’s no better remedy than time away on the beach! Last week, I worked Monday and Tuesday and took off early morning on the Fourth to head to my cousin and uncle’s house on … More On the Beach

food fridays

A Day of Meals The selected meals this week are from various days, depending on when I remembered to take photos. Bare with me, it’s a vacation week. Breakfast Breakfast on vacation just tastes better. Scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. Simple and delicious. Lunch A salad with grilled chicken earlier in the week when I … More food fridays

Total Body Crush

Workout Wednesday…on Thursday! Because of vacation- woohoo!- I only had two workouts in the gym for this week. I did a lot of running and walking around the beach and jump roping in the backyard with my quick body strength total body workout. Here are some shots. Day One Single-Arm Presses. Single-Leg Deadlifts. (Maybe I … More Total Body Crush