Because You’re Totally Worth It

Apparently dogs yawning in awkward moments is a thing. My boss (from the library I work at as a student worker) just told me about it. It’s called a “stress yawn” and I looked it up on Wikipedia:

“Mouth expressions can provide information about the dog’s mood. When a dog wants to be left alone, it might yawn (although yawning also might indicate sleepiness, confusion, or stress) or start licking its mouth without the presence of any food.”

I mean, that definition is not great, but you get the point of the matter. Dogs yawn if they feel uncomfortable. Dogs can be comfortable or uncomfortable. Dogs have feelings. The end.

I tend to not fully pay attention to conversations that I am in the middle of. I know it’s a really bad habit, but I can’t help it. It’s something that I have been trying to work on, but then I get caught up in my own thoughts and what I have to do next and I miss out on the in the moment thing. Or I have selective hearing where I hear what I want and tune everything else out. There’s really no reason for this to be here, except in the future when I will have to tell stories about this, I won’t have to go into a huge explanation about it then. We can just roll with it.

This is my friend Erin. There’s no story, she just really wanted her picture on here.

This is me today really angry that a piece of my bang, SIDE BANG that I never even use anymore, somehow evaded me per usual and has been taunting me all day. Much like my curling iron cover fiasco, which my friend actually might buy off of me. And you know what? I’m going to buy a really good book with that money! Here’s the bang and my mad face. Fear this face.

My roommate is a freak but in a really good and funny way. I call her Ann sometimes because she is the Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec, best show ever. She is also the Gus to my Shawn from Psych, from the truest best show ever. Or sometimes I call her Bobo which came from Bob (I can’t remember why), which changed to Boba in reference to Boba Fett from Star Wars, which then turned to Bobo because it’s funnier. We have a bromance because homances are just stupid. If you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of the alpha friend. For example, one time I thought I dropped my ID in the trash and without me even asking she just knew that she’d be the one browsing the grossness, while I stood behind her gagging. As it goes, it ended up having fallen down in one of the shower stalls and not the trash, but that’s not the point. I’m just giving you a little background information on her and our friendship because she will be mentioned a lot and many of the things I write will be very strange and odd because she is just that way.

Me sneaking up on her:

Let’s just talk about her sleep walking habits. I should also mention that our dorm used to be a morgue and we definitely have a ghost in our room. We’ve lived in the same room for the past two years and I swear ever since we started living here, Stephanie has been possessed by this spirit who is out to ruin me. Her sleep walking used to just be normal-ish, though not really. One time, I was asleep but then felt like someone was watching me, so I wake up and roll over and Stephanie is standing over me holding her pillow. I was like, “WTF?” And she, dead asleep, just says, “I’m just making sure you’re breathing,” then turns around and goes back to bed. She has also tried to get into bed with me thinking we switched beds for some reason.

Sometimes, she tries to escape the room but of course I freak out if I ever hear the door open thinking Ghost Face is trying to kill me and am able to stop her. Then there was this one time, a week after she woke up, turned her alarm clock off, went back to bed, and missed class, that she was so paranoid that she would constantly get out of bed and check her phone when she was still asleep. My friend Concetta stayed over after we saw a midnight premiere of a movie I’m too embarrassed to name and the air mattress took up the entire space, so Sleepy Stephanie couldn’t get by. I guess she stood over Concetta for like a half an hour kicking the mattress and trying to get past. FREAK! Concetta also said that we talk to each other in our sleep, but was too afraid to keep track of what we said. Lame. Last year, in this haunted room, I was dreaming that I was in pain then woke up realizing it was real pain. She was beating me up! I just kind of pushed her as hard as I could onto her own bed. Seriously scary shit. Or she will just yell out creepy statements like, “I’m going to get you,” or “Give it to me!” Sometimes, I want to cry. But then it’s really funny too.

Another picture of StephanieAnnGusBobowhatever:

Always creeping. I think this is appropriate to end on.

BTW: I’ve been struggling posting this ALL day. I think it’s the ghost.

Also, my friend Katja wants to wait a few days so she can be featured in her own blog post and not with the others.


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