An Ode To A Writer

Maya Angelou was not just a great thinker or writer, she was a doer. Active in both imagination and equality, she embodied the essence of social change. Her words leave us inspired and reflective. Maya was the first poet I ever truly enjoyed reading and not just because Oprah told me to.  This afternoon, I … More An Ode To A Writer

Quirky Quips

I’m not exactly sure why I watch Grey’s Anatomy because I don’t like blood and can’t stand seeing fake body fluids being moved around. It’s addicting though. My cousin Erin doesn’t seem to mind seeing squishy, bloody parts being played with. I suspect she might even like it. Anyways, when I suggested that one day … More Quirky Quips

Sick of Me Yet?

I’ll be honest, this whole post a day thing is harder than I anticipated. Despite any challenges, I made a vow and cannot succumb to laziness on the second day. Not much happened to me today because I had to sit through a 3-hour class, but I suppose it is important that I had a cookie, … More Sick of Me Yet?

Make Em Laugh

One of my greatest joys is making people laugh. Sometimes, this means I have to be shameless. I might fail miserably and just look like a goon or I could garner some sympathy laughs as people look at me with mild-to-no interest wondering why I’m still talking. Then there are the times where I can’t … More Make Em Laugh