Rain Rain Stay Until I Finish My Homework

Since making this promise to post every day in a positive way, I have met with resistance in the form of poor weather, traffic, an influx of confusing assignments, allergies, and stomach troubles. On this Friday, I have been given the unfortunate task of being productive in my schoolwork, so of course for the majority of the day, I napped, worked out, and watched the entire first season of Grey’s Anatomy, with the past hour being the only time I actually worked.

But with Bandit beside me, going back and forth between wanting to be pet and merely tolerating my presence (though I was here first), I have made some progress, so my entire long weekend will not be shot.

As my appreciative note, today I choose: procrastinator. It’s fun(isn) spending a rainy, dreary Friday searching the web and tweeting nothing at all, re-finding a show I once enjoyed in its hey-day, and being able to sit and veg on the couch, knowing that soon enough, the assignments will be no longer.

One of my chosen tasks procrastinating today was taking a Buzzfeed quiz testing my crayon-identifying skills. Considering my older sister’s penchance for standing over my shoulder and watching my development progress as a child, it’s a wonder I know the basic colors at all. When my mom would go over the color orange, my sister would stand there and assure her it was “vivid tangerine.” The same girl who once tore through all her Christmas presents, tossing dolls and toys aside, but finally finding just what she “always wanted” in her stocking…a giant box of crayons. It’s on tape and may be paid tribute to in one of her upcoming wedding celebrations.

P.S. If you caught the above reference to what she always wanted, you deserve a cookie.


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