Quick Check-In

I’m checking in before my screenwriting class, so this will be a shorter post. I started my morning with a hard-boiled egg and a cheesestick, which fueled me through my body strength workout and run this morning at the gym. When I got home, to ease the frigid cold, I cooked up some stove-top peanut … More Quick Check-In

The Oscars!

I’m embarrassed. My parents have seen more than twice as many Oscar nominated films than I have this year. I guess they are just film conrnessouirs now. I was sadly lacking in that department due to a lack of effort, but there’s always time to catch up. Maybe I’m getting older with more responsibilities, or … More The Oscars!

Quick Recap

Anticipating that the next few weekends are going to be very busy- updates to come!- I knew I needed to workout every week day morning this coming week. In that case, I took this Friday off to get some extra sleep and take my rest day. After two extra glorious hours of sleep, I heated … More Quick Recap