For My Auntie Bea

I don’t want to spoil the ending, but…my Auntie Bea was one of the greatest of all time. To understand this reference, is to understand the essence of Bea. She had one of the most vivacious, sassy, and wonderful senses of humor that I have ever known, could dish it and take it better than … More For My Auntie Bea

New Hair Debut

So apparently I’ve been dyeing my hair ALL wrong for months now. Coolio. Once you find the color you like, the hair stays that color and you only have to re-apply to the roots. How did I not know this? People probably know this, but not me. I’ve been fraying my hair, but it’s all good because … More New Hair Debut

Monday Snow Day

Oh hey, it’s the second day of Spring and we’ve got…SNOW! It was a fairly pleasant day welcoming Spring yesterday, but a bit on the chilly side. However, the family came over for dinner and we spent some time outside playing Spike Ball. I was a bit rusty, but not as bad as I expected. … More Monday Snow Day

Weekly Weigh-In

It’s been a little over a week since I decided to actively lose weight again and I’m happy to report my weigh-in news. I weigh in on Monday mornings, but it didn’t fit in with Monday’s post and yesterday was my lo-ong work day and I didn’t have time to write a post! After one … More Weekly Weigh-In