Big News

As I hinted in my Monday post, I have some exciting news to share! In September, I’m heading across the country to LA. I’m excited and terrified and a bunch of other emotions I’m struggling to recognize, but there is an instinct bubbling in my stomach telling me this is the right decision. At 26, … More Big News

Weekend Things

Happy Monday, friends! Thanks to the dreary weather, this weekend was a relaxing one. After work on Friday, I went out to dinner with a few friends from work, but I called it an early night on my end since I had to be up early for work the next morning. On Saturday, my mom … More Weekend Things

Red, White, and Blue

We’re almost at the weekend! I’ve been celebrating Independence all week by listening incessantly to Hamilton and organizing my fruit consumption into red, white, and blue! Haven’t had these pancakes in a long time! (I was out of raspberries and strawberries!) Yesterday, I had a hankering for pizza, so I made my own! English muffin, tomato sauce, cheese, and … More Red, White, and Blue