Vacation Recap!

Happy birthday to my cousin Erin! Vacation is a glorious thing, but so is settling back into routine. After a week away, I’m ready to get back into my usual healthy eating and exercise schedule- more on that later though. Let’s talk about the fun! I started my vacation early Saturday morning with a trip … More Vacation Recap!

Thursday Food Round-Up

Happy Thursday, party people! We’re almost to the weekend, which means I’m almost on vacation. Here’s a few food pics to brighten up your day. Waffles and berries! Quick breakfast of scrambled eggs and fruit to fuel my run. Quick lunch of leftovers in the midst of a busy work day. Steak tips and salad. … More Thursday Food Round-Up

Weekly Workouts

I find that pre-planning my workouts make for more efficient, butt-kicking exercise. I don’t dramatically change everything up every week, but I do switch things around to keep my body guessing. Making something up in advance, helps keep you motivated and present. Exercise is all about routine because once you get to that point, it … More Weekly Workouts

Meal Prep

As I said yesterday, this week in particular is busy for work (especially in the mornings), so packing healthy food ahead of time is key. Yes, it takes time, but your body and brain will thank you for it later as you reap the benefits! Here’s a sample of what I’ve been eating both today … More Meal Prep