Driving Girl

I sent this picture to my mom and I realized later that my dress… …matches my comforter! This shows how coordinated I am with myself. My future may lie in a cross between interior decorating and fashion, except a person has an outfit for every item in his/her house. I lost interest in my own project/joke, … More Driving Girl

Cheesy Business

We’ve made it to Thursday! The weekend is upon us, but hopefully, you’re still rocking this week. I had myself a pretty good Wednesday, what with nailing down a job, but the other parts of the day were pretty sweet too. Especially this syrupy waffle from the morning. Paired with some fruit, it was perfection. … More Cheesy Business

My Washer/Dryer Is Trying to Kill Me, Among Other Things

It took exactly two weeks, but I’m happy to be back in the world of employment! A start to chasing those dreams. On a side note, my washer/dryer is trying to kill me. I know I’m lucky  to have a washer/dryer (it’s an all-in-one machine, which is strange in itself to this suburbia kid!), but the … More My Washer/Dryer Is Trying to Kill Me, Among Other Things

Humble Bragging

Yesterday reminded me that I don’t have it all figured out- as though I needed reminding right now!? Life is messy, beautiful, but chaotic. I am a creature who thrives on habit, can do wonderful things when pushed out of my comfort zone. I can also fall flat on my ass and feel like I’m … More Humble Bragging

Weekend Things

Today has been a challenging one technologically speaking. My GPS wouldn’t work on my phone, the presidential debate won’t stream, and I’ve been trying to send these pictures from my phone to my computer all afternoon. Finally here we are. Sometimes life tests patience! I also learned that I am screwed directionally wise without assistance. … More Weekend Things

Resourceful Girl!

Here at Casa Caitlin, I’ve been learning to do all sorts of new things, such as putting furniture together! My desk proved to be a lot more challenging than my desk, but thankfully, I thoroughly followed directions and was able to get the job done. In case of collapse, you will never know (except of … More Resourceful Girl!


A week and a day in and still no celebrity sightings. I’m trying not to be discouraged, but really, you move to LA and you expect to see some random celebrities acting just like you and me, walking down the street. Do I glance over at the cubicle next to me and see my future … More Things