sunset in stages

I don’t think I can effectively speak to how beautiful California is. I am constantly amazed by the sights and wonders of this state and I know I’ve only ever seen a small part of it. To cap off my weekend, I went to Griffith Observatory to catch the sunset. Every night should end like … More sunset in stages

a day to remember

This weekend was all about the Women’s March for this girl! It was an incredible experience to share with over 2 million women and men who represented love, hope, equality, and progress. I got to laugh, shout, and listen to the likes of Jane Fonda speak on the importance of representation and equal rights. It … More a day to remember

a year

It feels like I’ve blinked and a year passed. The reason I focus on today is that it’s been an official year since my cat, Bandit, died. A year ago, I kept wishing to go back into more blissfully ignorant times or zoom into the future because the pain was so fresh. I still miss … More a year


  I’ve eaten some great meals lately. My meals are not the problem, it’s the eating inbetween that I need to watch! The holidays did a number on me, but I’m feeling better and back on track. Let’s take a look. Saturday pancake breakfast.   Breakfast sandwich: eggs, cheese, toast.   Eggs, a piece of … More lately

living without fear

Also known as, living with anxiety, but not allowing it to stall my life. For the past few years, I’ve been trying to, not so much overcome my anxiety, but live with it. I started this with my weight loss journey, choosing to focus on positivity and self-love over insecurity and shame. It’s a battle … More living without fear