treadmill fail

Last night, I was running on the treadmill, almost at the end, and finishing up with some sprints. Rather than awkwardly try to lower the speed for 10 seconds of rest, I hop off to the sides, usually gracefully, or well, fine enough. I must’ve felt tired, or clumsy, or just myself, because I almost … More treadmill fail

one year

Dear Auntie Bea, A year is a long time and yet, it hasn’t felt like any time has passed at all. I miss you. It’s that simple. But your presence in my life is ever-lasting. I think of you often, in that proverbial ‘I miss her so much’ kind of way, but in other ways … More one year

broken wing

I’m hoping I’m not making the wrong impression with this fly situation. It’s not like I have fleas or that my room is swarmed with bugs. I’m a clean person. There isn’t food lying around or mass amounts of trash. There was (is) one fly zooming around, haunting me. Just so we’re clear. Probably looks … More broken wing

food, in pictures

Update on the fly: it’s still here, in my room. I’m starting to suspect devious intent. I told myself I’d snap pictures of all my meals this week, but I broke that habit awhile ago and it was hard to remember all the time. My one photographed breakfast: instant oatmeal (Trader Joe’s variety so it’s less … More food, in pictures

faster, stronger

I’m growing more nervous because – if you’ll remember yesterday’s blurb about the fly in my room – it appears that it might be stalking me. Why would I assume such a thing? As I was driving home from work today a fly flew into my eye and I’m certain it was the same one … More faster, stronger


There’s a fly (or whatever) haunting my room. It’s been here the past two nights and although it could be mental, I feel like it keeps biting me and I get itchy. I don’t think it’s bed bugs (is it bed bugs!), but it’s annoying all the same. You’re not welcome here, fly! You’d be … More adulting