meals of the week

Peanut butter and jelly helps amplify even the weakest of pancakes (the recipe wasn’t that bad) but with a little pb&j, it doesn’t matter what it goes on. Breakfast Lunch Dinner And I think we can enjoy this little piece of steak next to a massive baked potato…

gallons of water

It’s been two weeks and a day since I’ve started drinking a gallon of water everyday and the changes are subtle, but powerful. I took on this challenge because I realized I wasn’t drinking enough during the day and would hop into bed thirsty. If I drank water then, I’d wake up to pee and … More gallons of water


We’ve all had those weekends- we eat too much, feel bloated, tired, gross (for lack of a better word and yet, that word fits perfectly). I’ve heard and read a lot about detoxing- pills, juices, shakes, etc. I promise, nothing beats good old-fashioned moderate eating and exercise. Here are some of my tips to not … More detox

baked eggs

I don’t have cute ramekins I can throw in the oven, but I do have a loaf pan that will do the same trick. Btw, loaf pan just sounds funny. Anyway, I was looking to switch up my dinners and an old brunch recipe struck my fancy. Baked eggs! I got out my loaf pan … More baked eggs