lower body workout

Here’s that lower body workout I promised two weeks ago! I focused on the major muscle groups of the lower body. First set includes work on the quads, one exercise with heavy weight, the second with body weight in an explosive movement. Remember to sit back on those heels! The second set focuses on the … More lower body workout

in the moment

Life can feel a little hectic when coming back from vacation, starting up a new job, and trying to settle into a new routine. My work ethic is being tested by a little guy named Simba who requires a lot of playtime attention that I’m happy to provide, BUT he also doesn’t like me to … More in the moment

crazy cat lady

I can’t deny it. My kitten has taken over my world. He’s a cute, rambunctious little guy and I can already tell he’ll be trouble in the best of ways. On Friday night, we had a pal’s night in and relaxed watching The West Wing and playing with fake mice. Samba likes to stretch out wherever I … More crazy cat lady

Disney (4-6)

Wrapping up the rest of the trip in one post! Our next day took us back to Epcot. We did some rides and a lot of walking around World Showcase. Dinner was at Chefs de la France, which was phenomenal. Such good food throughout the trip! Turned into a viking for a moment. Then we … More Disney (4-6)

Disney Day 3

Our first Magic Kingdom day was a mad-rush to rope drop a few of the major rides before breakfast. But first, we had to take in this sight. We were successful as we walked onto Splash Mountain and then Thunder Railroad. Breakfast was at Be Our Guest, inspired by Beauty and the Beast. The food was delectable, … More Disney Day 3

Disney Day 2

Sorry for the delay in posting, it’s been a bit busy starting a new job and adopting this little guy. His name is Simba Charles Weasley and he’s the sweetest thing. He’s already settled in and is quite rambunctious. I’m sure there will be many Simba and Caitlin adventures to report. Back to Disney 2017! … More Disney Day 2

Disney Day One

Welcome back, Monday! I’m feeling the Monday Blues in particular because it means I’m back from vacation. After a long time of researching and planning, my family finally made it to Disney and it did not disappoint. For the next few days, I’ll be going over the planning process along with the end result for … More Disney Day One