Fajita bowl

I’ll be honest, this isn’t the most original recipe I’ve ever created, but it’s healthy and easy and tasty. What more could you want? I started by seasoning the chicken with cumin and chili powder, then put brown rice on to boil. Once the chicken was cooked, I tossed on some spinach, red pepper, black … More Fajita bowl

I’ll often hear many people, usually women, complain about their upper body strength. Most likely, this is because women (and I know I’m generalizing here) tend to stick to cardio like running, biking, or ellipticalling, which is great for their health, hearts, and legs, but they’re completely ignoring an important part of their body! Or … More

summer workout tips

It’s summer! We’re in the thick of the heat, from the east coast to the west. I love the sun and the vibrancy of summer, but I do not love being hot. Building up a sweat at the gym is not the same as being sticky and uncomfortable out-and-about. I will always choose running outside on an … More summer workout tips