Arm Day

I kicked off a new workout routine and it’s been killer. While I love a good total body workout, there’s something to be said about the effectiveness of the split routine. For this training schedule, I opted to break things up as follows: Day One: Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders Day Two: Quads and Glutes Day Three: … More Arm Day

lower body workout

Here’s that lower body workout I promised two weeks ago! I focused on the major muscle groups of the lower body. First set includes work on the quads, one exercise with heavy weight, the second with body weight in an explosive movement. Remember to sit back on those heels! The second set focuses on the … More lower body workout

I’ll often hear many people, usually women, complain about their upper body strength. Most likely, this is because women (and I know I’m generalizing here) tend to stick to cardio like running, biking, or ellipticalling, which is great for their health, hearts, and legs, but they’re completely ignoring an important part of their body! Or … More

work it on out

After my long weekend away, last weekend, I was ready to hit the gym…kind of. It was a vacation of indulgence between the vineyards, Ghirardelli, and In-n-Out, which is all well and good (except for my stomach) and we did our fair share of walking, but I was ready to return to normal. When I … More work it on out

circuit training

Perform each move in each circuit in five sets of 10 reps, resting 30 seconds in-between each set and 60 seconds between circuits. I’ll often pair this workout with a quick round of cardio, either jump roping or HIIT spinning. It targets most major muscle groups and works up a sweat going between targeted exercises … More circuit training